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Ras Mohammed National Park Boat / Jeep Safari
Ras Mohammed is not only the largest natural structure known to man, it is also one of the world's most extraordinary settings: a slender, dramatically arid peninsula at the very Southernmost tip of the Sinai, rising to a dramatic promontory that looks out over some of the most gloriously rich coral reefs that you will ever see. Ras Mohammed was declared a national park in 1983.

The boundaries of Ras Mohammed extend far out into the surrounding waters and even the most casual of visitors is struck by how much of the park is dominated by the sea. Even the dry land area of the park seems a part of the marine world.

For many visitors, Ras Mohammed's most stunning scenery is found underwater, in the broad, terraced coral reefs that encircle the peninsula. Fire corals and brilliant sea fans.

National Park Regulations

  • Do not touch or take any materials, living or dead, for example, corals, fish, shells, plants or fossils
  • Cars or jeeps must stay only on marked tracks
  • Camping is only allowed in marked areas
  • Do not leave litter
  • Do not enter a closed area or beach
  • Do not walk on the reef
  • Do not feed the fish
  • Do not catch the fish
  • All visitors, except campers, must leave by sunset
  • Access to the sea is at marked places only


The Thistelgorm

wreck lies in the stretch of sea between the Sha'af Ali Reef and the West Coast of Sinai, north of Ras Mohammed in the Strait of Gobal.

The guide usually moors the boat by tying a cable to 1 of the huge structures on the main deck of the wreck. Doing 2 dives - 1 outside the wreck and 1 inside.

It is difficult to say how many dives are needed to explore the wreck completely, there are so many thrilling things to see that nobody ever wants to leave the wreck behind. After making the 2 dives, a buffet lunch is served, as the boat moves back to Ras Mohammed, to do a 3rd relaxed dive at Sharks Reef and Yolanda. The boat returns to Sharm and then it is back to Dahab by car.



















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